When I thought my Void Linux box died.

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This is quite embarrassing but somehow I thought that for some unknown reason my linux box is dead. In reality it wasn't, it's just that a change in the computers in the house have made some of my scripts useless and irrelevant. Now I will cut to the chase and mention that a few days ago I migrated home server from Debian stable to FreeBSD to be able to utilize ZFS. One thing that I might not have changed is the network mount script that I use to automount my network directory to the linux box and here I was wondering why my box is not working and unresponsive when in fact it's just that the script was presented a situation it didn't know how to handle and just hanged the system up.

Now, I could have written the script better. But hey, this is something that I made only for myself and I might not have such a high standard when writing utilities that I use so when I saw that it's working I just called it a day and left it at that. I guess the lesson to this brief excursion is to know how your scripts will react to different situations and to be able to catch exceptions to behavior that you might not expect coming.

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