missing a day

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So I missed a few days on my attempt to continuously write something in this blog. It was stressful. I'm trying to keep myself on the top of it just so I get into the mindset of constantly thinking of something to write or talk about. But more and more, I've been thinking about how I mostly just get myself into the act of writing and let my thoughts flow into the screen. It's happening right now, I didn't really plan on writing about this but somehow my head made it a priority to write about this.

But to be honest, it's quite alright. It's quite alright to just get myself into the act of writing and let what I'm currently thinking dictate the things that I would say. Though I would like to plan everything I write I think there's something into just letting the thoughts flow. Something akin to impromptu speeches. I'm not saying that just writing what you think would be the way to go on any writing job because it's certainly not the way to go. But for something like this, something informal and, at times, personal. Maybe just letting your thoughts cruise along would be a good thing.

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