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This is a post that would not have any outright point into it. When I woke up this morning, I realized how difficult it has become for me to articulate my thoughts into either speech or paper and I think this is partly due to the fact that I haven't been writing or speaking purposefully since the start of the lockdown in the country. Now, I'm not going to a rant on how the lockdown ruined my life plans for the immediate future, that thought was already exhausted time and time again whenever I find myself a little bit of solace in my room. I think I have gotten past that now and I am just picking the scraps of what 2020 is ought to be for me. This is not me saying that this year is nothing but "horrible" stuff happening for me because it certainly isn't. The beginning of this year is one of the most amazing moments of my life, going out of my comfort zone and dating someone that I found attractive and coming to realize that not only did I find this person physically attractive but that we both share interests and are fond of each other is another high point. So certainly, 2020 is not the doom and gloom that it might seem in the sentences that I wrote prior. Regardless, this year is still far from ideal; though having written that made me realize how there isn't really any ideal year or time for anyone it's just that this year showed it in front of us in clear bold text.

Regardless, this is the hand that we're dealt and this is what we are going to play with moving forwards. So this post marks for me a, hopefully, start of a new habit of just logging thoughts into this meek blog. I will try my best to write at least a paragraph a day about something that I found interesting, hopefully. In the hope that some of those faint interests would blossom into something fuller and would help me articulate my thoughts clearer. I'm saying this because I have been writing since the start of the pandemic privately, but writing for yourself feels much more different than writing with the intent of it being read by someone else. Writing for myself don't entail any considerations for readability and cohesiveness, I just pour my thoughts into the paper and just be done with it. Writing for someone else, on the other hand, means that I would need to have atleast a bit of an intent, structure and cohesiveness in the words that I type into the screen.

While I'm not going to write research papers here, I hope this small attempt to change things around would help me get back in track into writing clearly and articulating clearly just as I did back in March. So, here's to a new post tomorrow.

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