on the way to complete my desktop setup

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It is nice knowing that after a few months of saving up I am now able to get closer to the desktop setup that I have been drooling about since ages ago. Recently, I was able to get a decent condenser mic as well as a proper "semi-pro" headphones to complement my already streamlined desktop setup. This setup however wasn't just that, it's a thing that I have worked on and are still working on to get to a level that I'm satisfied.

My setup consists of a decent i5 desktop with a decent AMD graphics card that I would say would be able to do 95% of all the tasks that I do with relative ease as well a Thinkpad T400 with a docking station. This journey towards consolidating my desktop experience really started with owning that T400. Ever since I've known about the ability of Thinkpads to be able to be docked and be used in a desktop environment I was really bent on getting that setup done. I've tracked down people selling a T400 docking station, got myself a KVM switch and did my best to marry the desktop box and this Thinkpad. To that extent, I'd say I feel that I've accomplished what I wanted to do. But there are still a few things that need to be done to be able to get this thing done.

I have been fascinated with programmable keyboards and have wanted to own one since I've known their existence. I'm currently eyeing on a 40% ortholinear keyboard not only because it looks hipster (haha!) but also because of it's programmability. I like the idea of being able to customise my keyboard's keys to be whatever I wish. I'm already modifying my keymaps for my current keyboard and I would prefer doing those things on the hardware itself rather than relying on cheap hacks to do it and probably the last thing that I want to have would be to have a Logitech M570 trackball mouse. I really wanted to get my setup as comfortable and ergonomic as possible, that's one of the reason why I'm also pushing for a 40% ortholinear and getting a trackball mouse really would help on my achieving that end.

However, those stuff don't come cheap. Even the 40% ortholinears cost quite a bit of money, at least 5000 pesos when all's said and done. I think there are other options out there like keeb.io that I would probably look into but that's still not cheap considering I only have a side gig every once and while and the M570 would also cost some money, around 2000 pesos. So yeah, I would need to do some saving to get that done.

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