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This might be a little bit on the "looney" side of what I usually write but this idea has been brewing inside me for some time now and I would love to just write it in and just read the words as I've typed them as compared to just letting it ferment as ephemeral ideas in my head. Either way, I've been thinking recently about the idea of messing with time, not in a "i'll just waste my time" sense but rather more on "what happens when you know your future" kind of sense.

My partner and I recently watched the Black Mirror: Bandersnatch and while it is a novel and interesting concept, one of things that really stuck with me while watching the film was the idea of "malleable time". Now, this is just something that I've pulled out of thin air and I think it would be apt for me to at least describe the idea that I was thinking about. Basically, "malleable time" is this idea that should man be able to jump back, in any means, into his past self. It may be something that the future self will physically go back separate from his past self, a la Back to the Future, or that the future self would manifest in the past self allowing the future self to change the circumstances of the past self or even fainter, that the future self would be able to influce the past self and guide the past self towards a particular set of circumstances.

Now, what's the point of all this set-up and rambling? Well, I've been thinking lately how "malleable time" has been often used in stories where the characters are trying to fix a regret that they had. It seems intuitive at first as it wouldn't make sense for someone to try to influence the past that they don't regret. But should it just be the case? That the desire to go back in time is to fix something? Wouldn't the act of doing so invalidate your own struggle? That anything after that point of regret is for naught until that regret is fixed.

I don't know if there's a point into this rambling, but that's that. I think I should write blog posts in the morning, not evenings. After a long day of working and being stuck in traffic, my body just screams demanding me to rest. Also, my partner is really alert on reminding me that I should rest and take care of myself which I really appreciate. (If you're reading this, hi love!) So yeah, I'll probably be writing something tomorrow morning, if I can get myself to think of something to write about.

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